GEORGEWONGDESIGN is a New York City based design studio who creates unique and innovative designs for the world of luxury hotels, restaurants, and other bespoke projects.

With hotels evolving faster than ever before, it is paramount that each design is distinctively unique. We break molds and push envelops to create modern and timeless ideas for each and every design. We are the interior design firm for your next outstanding project.

Our design fosters meaningful and memorable guest experiences, nourishing inspired dialogues between interiors and guests. We create a wide variety of luxury projects in the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia.

We design more than just hotels, we design communities.

Like in a community where all kinds of services are within reach by the residents. Lobbies, Restaurants, Bars, Lounges, Club Houses, Spas, Fitness, Event Spaces, Retail, Pools, Theatre, Rooms and Suites, and so on. Each one of these integral parts has its own design identity. Together they form the fabric of the community.

Hotels seek authenticity in their bars and restaurants by engaging renowned chefs and third party operators. We have been creating refreshing restaurant identities as converging social settings that blend the locals with the guests in lively and wholesome communities.

We are a creative force with a wide repertoire of styles and aesthetics. We create unique design that serves the narrative of each project. We are also experienced in retail, corporate, and residential designs. There is no limit to what we can do.